Suigeneris is a Non Binary Essence. 

An independent Luxury Author Perfumery brand. 

It is this independence that allows the creative freedom to conceive  

Essences that are simply unique, as you are...

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The Brand Philosophy 

The stereotypes that frame the world we live in are a legacy of previous generations.

Categorising puts people into boxes, limiting the opportunities to enjoy who we really are. The world is changing, and people no

longer accept the social norms that separate us.

Suigeneris is a NON BINARY ESSENCE. An authentic and real celebration of diversity that goes beyond the conventional fragrance offerings that tend to be exclusionary and restrictive, feminine, masculine or unisex. Suigeneris is a declaration of freedom unrestricted by age or gender. Suigeneris is identity.

Suigeneris is a journey into our DNA, into the deepest desires where our self is combined with who we are...

Passion is my unique compass.

I seize the opportunity the moment it presents itself.

I follow my dreams and strive for my ideals. Life is how i want it to be.


I am a consciousness, a way of thinking, a way of dreaming,

I listen to my own voice and i am true to it. I am who I am.

I dare to transform my wishes into reality, and to defend not to being like everyone else.

I am a true version of myself. I am unique. I am a freedom. I am Suigeneris...

The Essences Concept

Suigeneris is a NON BINARY proposal with a strong personality and a clear olfactory philosophy: break the established mould.


Essences that explore novel even improbable olfactory terrain, and which blend feminine and masculine notes and essences traditionally vetoed in the world of perfumery.


Macerated in the south of France, the cradle of luxury perfumery, for at least 45 days to give them their potency; a miscellaneous selection of the highest quality natural raw materials and synthetic molecules, working together as a Morse code to create a unique DNA for each fragrance.


Suigeneris is a delicatessen for sybarites.         

Suigeneris is dedicated to you, to me, to us...

Suigeneris is dedicated to you, who dares transform your desires into reality and proclaim your freedom. 


To you, who explores with passion the boundaries of your personality.


To you, true to yourself, who freely expresses your authenticity

and identity  free from prejudice based on age or gender. 


To you, to me, to us who dare to transform our wishes into reality and defend not to be like anyone else.  It is the personal reflection of our essence...

Suigeneris is all about us... about our identity.