Suigeneris is a Non Binary Essence. 

An independent Luxury Author Perfumery brand. 

It is this independence that allows the creative freedom to conceive  

Essences that are simply unique, as you are...

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The Founder & Artistic Director


“The sense of aroma has always been important to me.

My childhood was a continuous discovery of scents. My best friend’s father was a major importer of Japanese toys, and once a month we waited excitedly from his return from Asia, his arms full of unusual

gifts and curious products: the latest fashion, strange fruits and a range of fascinating plastic toys.


Opening his box of presents set free an intense mixture of contrasting scents, from exotic products from Mother Nature to the sophisticated, bizarre and unexpected aromas of plastics and gum.


These thrilling experiences would mark me for the rest of my life."

Xavier Dufourcq- Chappaz

Suigeneris is made up of contrasts, opposites and complementary elements that transform a visual opulence

into an urban, dynamic experience. A captivating symbiosis of energies,


The Suigeneris Non Binary Essences are a miscellaneous selection of the highest quality natural raw materials and synthetic molecules, working together as a Morse code to create a unique DNA construction for each fragrance. 

Luxury essences that reflect your uniqueness