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Suigeneris Non Binary Essence

Manifesto of the Genuine. The stereotypes that frame the world we live in are a legacy of previous generations. Categorizing puts people into boxes, limiting the opportunities to enjoy who we really are.The world is changing, and people no longer accept the social norms that separate us. 


Suigeneris is a non binary essence world, a universe without no limitations that separate people from one another, an authentic and real celebration of diversity unrestricted by age or gender. 


Suigeneris is a declaration of freedom, the personal reflection of your essence and uniqueness...


The Founder & Artistic Director. “The sense of aroma has always been important to me. My childhood was a continuous discovery of scents. My best friend’s father was a major importer of Japanese toys, and once a month we waited excitedly from his return from Asia, his arms full of unusual gifts and curious products: the latest fashion, strange fruits and a range of fascinating plastic toys. Opening his box of presents set free an intense mixture of contrasting scents, from exotic products from Mother Nature to the sophisticated, bizarre and unexpected aromas of plastics and gum. These thrilling experiences would mark me for the rest of my life."

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